• Emanuel Vigeland's Museum

    Emanuel Vigeland's Museum at Slemdal is one of Oslo's best kept secrets. The museum's main attraction is a dark, barrel-vaulted room, completely covered with fresco paintings.

  • Museum of Cultural History

    Museum of Cultural History

    This museum contains a large collection of historical items, including the only complete Viking helmet ever found, Egyptian mummies and Stave church portals.

  • The National Museum

    The National Museum of Norway.

  • The Oslo City Museum

    The Oslo City Museum

    The Oslo City Museum is situated at Frogner Manor in the southern part of Vigeland park (Frognerparken). It is a museum of cultural history with one of the largest collections of paintings in Norway.

  • The Vigeland Museum

    The Vigeland Museum

    The Vigeland Museum is the sculpture museum of Oslo. Our responsibilites and ambitions are two-folded. The Museum is dedicated to Gustav Vigeland.

  • The Viking Ship Museum

    Viking ship

    The Viking Ship museum at Bygd√ły in Oslo has the best preserved Viking ships anywhere in the world.