Oslo Cathedral wishes all visitors welcome in our lovely church. The Cathedral is open every day all week (see programme for opening hours).

It is a place for mass, for music, for silence, for conversation, and for lighting candles.

Oslo Cathedral is a church for everyone and has the ambition to be open-minded and traditional at the same time. It is a place where you should feel free to come as you are. The Cathedral wants to embrace both the variety and the contrast among people, and to share the loving presence of the Lord.

Oslo Cathedral has three main pillars: the church services, the art and the diaconate. It is our vision that the different aspects of these pillars will supply, enrich and acknowledge the human being. The Cathedral wishes to be a church for the whole person - and for all people. 

We want to focus on the Lord's receptiveness towards life and all expressions of life. We believe in the Holy in contact with the ordinary. We believe that there is a connection between The Holy and glorified God and the human pain, loneliness and distress. We believe in contrasts and in the light that shines through our cracks.