Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace is a thing all tourists in Oslo should see. It happens every day at around 1:30 pm.

The change starts with the arrival of the new watchmen (gardister). They arrive by bus from the camp at Huseby and march through the park behind the palace. They meet up with the guard already on watch on the right side of the palace, by the watchmen's house. After a bit of ceremony, the new guard sends their first watch into the house for some formalities and to pick up some equipment. They come back out, report that they are ready and proceed to change the guards at various positions around the palace. As this happens, the old and new watch all go in to the watchmen's house for a break. This is when most people think the change is done and they leave. If you stick around for a little longer, you'll also see the second part of the change. If the weather is good, you can lounge on one of the lawns around the palace or get a quick coffee at Café Pascal just across Drammensveien (on the other side of the palace). The wait can be everything from 20-40 minutes, depending on what's going on at the moment and the size of the guard.

March through the city

Sometimes, the Royal Guard will march through the city of Oslo with their band in front. They will march from Akershus Fortress and up Karl Johans gate. This is always a sight that is welcomed by residents and tourists in Oslo alike. And it's a sure sign of spring after a long, cold winter!

About the Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is an active infantry battalion located in Oslo. Their primary objective is to protect the Royal family and their residences. After the terror attack in 2011, their mandate has been expanded to also involve protection of the city of Oslo in corporation with the police. The soldiers are not professional soldiers, but young Norwegian women and men doing their mandatory one year service. They are trained in

At the moment, the Royal Guard performs watch duty at the following places:

  • The Royal Palace
  • Akershus Fortress
  • Bygdøy Kongsgård
  • Skaugum (the residence of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess)
  • Huseby Camp (Royal Guard barracks and headquarters)

They also perform parades and other representation duties for the Royal Family and the State.