It's simple, really! Oslo is the capital of Norway, but it's still small enough to get around in very easily. Most of downtown Oslo can be seen by foot, and it takes just a few minutes of tram, bus or metro ride to get anywhere in town.

Close to nature

Oslo is rich in culture, and nature is never far away. Closeness to the Oslo fiord and to the vast forests that surrounds the city opens up for some exciting activities. Go on a boat trip to one or more of the islands in the fiord for a picnic, or to the museums at Bygdøy to meet the explorers of times past. Take the tram up to the Holmenkollen ski jump for a spectacular view, or go for a hike, Norwegian style, in the Oslo forest. Complete the visit with a rest at one of the many cabins that serve waffles and hot toddy.


Oslo has a thriving nightlife and you'll find bars, restaurants, night clubs and cafés all over town - most of them are located in the city centre, Grünerløkka and at Aker Brygge.